About Me

Hiya Guys!

Here's a bit more information about myself. I love working with words so I thought I'd have a bit of fun with this to show you more than just the basic rubbish you always hear. 

♥  Avid Asia lover.

♥  Beauty beginner & boot camp babe.

♥  Currently comfortably single.

♥  Degree in Drama and Creative Writing.

♥  Ellen Page and Enter Shikari.

♥  Family, friends, fairy lights and Final Fantasy.

♥  Glee and green tea. 

♥  'Hold your own, know your name and go your own way.' (Jason Mraz)

♥  'If you're a bird, I'm a bird' (The Notebook)

♥  Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jay and Silent Bob and Juicy Contour. 

♥  Kissable Korean music, Kittens and Knitting.

♥  Lemon and lace.

♥  Murder mystery master, musical mistress and Matthew Grey Gubler.

♥  New Girl, No faces and Nica handbags.

♥  Owls, everyone is fond of owls.

♥  Pokemon, Pikachu, Pugs, Ponyo. 

♥  Quintessentially British things - manners, accents, downpours of rain, cream teas and the Queen.

♥  Rebecca Rose Dodson, Radiantly Rose, romantic comedies and Ryan Gosling.

♥  Studio Ghibli, spontaneous singing and simultaneous singing.

♥  'This is a story of boy meets girl, but you should know upfront, this is not a love story.' (500 Days of Summer)

♥  Ukele's, Unwind by Neil Shusterman, Up! and University life.

♥ Valentines Day Cards and varsity jackets.

♥ Writer, through and through.

♥  Xie Xie, Chinese for thank you. Thank you for reading and thank you should be used more in England, it makes people smile a lot in China.

♥  Yarn and Yeti's - Mythical beings in general.

♥  Zooey Deschanel and Zelda.