Monday, 10 June 2013

Green Tea, The Spot Remover!

Hiya Guys!

Today after this long time away, I'm going to tell you about a miracle that has really helped my skin blossom from a winter of spots to a spring that actually isn't looking too bad. 
So winter was really a bad time for my skin, it got really dry for a while and then I started smothering it in moisturiser which made it all of a sudden break out. I panicked because I've been hugely lucky with skin that isn't hugely prone to break outs. So when this started, I practically stopped my skin care routine and went for a approach which didn't clog my skin. 

Then, I was speaking to my friend who lives in China and asked her about spots and asking if there was any Chinese brands she would recommend because their skin was always flawless when I visited! She told me her secret was very much down to drinking no fizzy drinks, not wearing loads of make up and letting her skin breath. Now this is not a scientific approach, this is just something she credits her absolutely flawless skin too!

I went off to Cambridge Market with another friend and bought a LOT of green tea, different variations which were herbal and fragrant. This is Chinese Black Tea and has a woody, strong taste which can easily be drank without milk or sugar. Not only is this completely calorie free BUT it hydrates you quicker than water because it's heated and has lots of healthy anti oxidants which are proven to help your skin.

I started this of two weeks before my graduation and my skin was completely changed! Now I'm not just saying this, it hasn't got rid of my spots all together but it has stopped redness and the huge breakouts which were noticeable. I had lumps and bumps but nothing like how bad it was. I've gone home recently (as you can tell by my absence) and have got rid of this habbit. Now I'm going to attempt this again and in two weeks - i'll give you the results. 

What about you guys? Have you never tried them? 
Do you enjoy green teas?


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