Sunday, 31 March 2013

My spring lipstick choice!

Hiya guys!

Today is a gorgeous day, with the sun shining and the snow falling -.- Seriously it's starting to get really annoying isn't it? I've been getting all my spring clothes out and keeping them in a box because I just can't wear them. It's heartbreaking :( Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

It's my sister's birthday next week so I went out and got her beauty products (Which will have to remain secret in case she reads this post hehe) for her little beauty bag. Whilst doing this, I couldn't resist something that could hopefully get rid of the STILL winter blues. So I bought this peachy lip butter to make my lips look all summery.

Revlon color burst lip butter is amazing! It comes in a tube that makes it look like a lipstick but in fact it feels a lot more like Vaseline on your lips. This is a nice spring change from the darker colours of winter, and it is a light coverage that doesn't come over to strong. (Mine is peach in case anyone is wondering)

There were MANY colours of this and it made me really smile because it's rare to get such a contrast in lip colour from such a moisturising lipstick. It goes from really vibrate oranges to light peachy coverage to darker purples and means no matter your skin colour you can get a good lipstick!

It does however need a lot of re application throughout the day because it just doesn't last. It's not a thing that would ever put me of buying it because the pros completely outweigh the cons in this. 

So girls, have any of you tried Revlons color burst? Would you recommend any other moisturising lip colors for the summer?

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Nail Files # 1 Double Duty

Hiya Guys!

Today's Nail Files is about how to set a perfect base for ANY nail colour. Sally Hansen is a nail make which specialises in different technique nail varnishes to add strength, length, durability, colour etc etc etc. She has become a big name in my house because me and my Mother are on huge resolution to get our nails back to perfect condition.

Today I'll be discussing her double duty nail varnish. This is a base and top coat which has strengthening abilities that are beyond belief! I would always recommend putting this underneath your nail varnish and then above. This can be used simply as a nail varnish as well when you don't want loads of colour. 

I was weary that this wouldn't work but it really does. From biting my nails for as long as I can remember this has gotten them back up to heavy duty strength in less than two months of use. It lasts a long time as well because you don't need to gloop it on thick for it to work. 

My only problem with this product is that if you use it on its own, it tends to like crumble? I don't know if that's the right word, but it comes of very patchy if you leave it too it's come off itself, which is never a good look. You just need to remember that you must take this off to change nail varnishes nicely and smoothly. 

I got this one in TK Maxx for £4.00 but I do know it is always in places like Boots and Super drug but tends to be more expensive. So if you can check in TK Maxx or places first, you might get lucky.

Have you guys tried Sally Hansen before? Do you bite your nails?

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Test it Tuesday - Clarins Cleanser

Hiya Guys!

This is a brand new post called Test It Tuesdays! These posts will hopefully be fortnightly and be about a tester product that I have been lucky enough to get from my lovely friend. This first one was the most amazing product I could have hoped to start with.

I have been desperate to find a nice cleanser that does leave my skin feeling more hungry for moisture than ever! I've found many but none like this.

Clarins Paris have made an amazing gentle foaming cleanser that is so nice. It's for combination / oily skin so matches my skin perfectly, as I don't have excess grease but I don't have dry skin. 

The first point is that this cleanser is exactly as it says on the tin, it's gentle. This isn't a scrub, I know that but I like a feel of renewal and that new skin is coming from cleansers as well. With this, I put it on and felt the small bubbles of exfoliating goodness on my skin. It doesn't take five layers of my face OR make me feel like my face is on fire.

Secondly, it's beautiful when you take it off. You put moisturiser straight on and you're skin feels so smooth it's unreal. So unreal I did have to run to my house mate and ask her to feel my face, she did say oooo and stroke my face (They put up with so much!).
It does leave a little to be desired as it feels a bit like when you have used soap on your skin. It's not a huge issue though but with the amount in actually costs, it does make a difference. Topping your skin straight of with a heavy moisturiser means that you do feel very glam and smooth afterwards and it gets rid of the soapy feel. 

For the price of a full bottle being £18.00 from Boots - it is something a lot of people would umm and ahh with... I would however make one final point. This stuff LASTS, I had a normal sized tiny tester and I had 5 uses which completely covered my face each time. So it would be amazing to see how long this would last!

What do you guys think? Ever tried Clarins? Will you be trying now?

Monday, 25 March 2013

Feed your hands!

Hiya everyone!

Just a quick post today - I wanted to tell you about an amazing hand cream.
Now I know you are
SICK to death of me doing posts about Soap and Glory like some sponsor but now - I do have to tell you about there Hand Food. This is all over the blogasphere but I got some this Christmas and fell TOTALLY in love. 

I'm not one to really care about nails or hands or creams, because I used to bite my nails and never take pride in them. Now, with the blog going strong, I have grown my nails and started to take huge priorities in getting my nails back to form.

This hand cream is amazing, it's so moisturising, goes a long way, is pretty in a pink tub and finally it smells amazing! I really enjoyed this and for the price in Boots of £5.00 for 125ml or £2.50 for the 50ml version you cannot go wrong. It looks nice when you get it out with your friends and also fits into a handbag in either size. 

Have you tried this miracle? Would you buy hand food?

Monday, 18 March 2013

Movie Mondays!

Hey Guys!

Today, I'm getting back into the normal swing of things and here we have another new Movie Monday post. This is on an absolute classic that will be overlooked by some younger readers, but to anyone roughly my age and a good ten years older and British will completely understand!
Bridget Jones Diary is a movie adaption of the great book with the same name written by Helen Fielding which was published in 1996. Now I only watched this movie recently because my friend is studying its adaption in Film Studies and I had overlooked it for so long. This 2001 movie is about a single, thirty something female who is looking to loose weight, drop cigarettes and find the love of her life. Being portrayed by Renee Zellweger, she isn't the most pristine woman but she is a funny as hell chick. 

It's a typical movie about waiting for love, when two come along at once and isn't that ALWAYS the way. It offers some amazing eye candy from Colin Firth and Hugh Grant and they also have some AMAZING one liners and scenes. The best being one of the most hysterical fight scenes ever which goes through a restaurant and is so pathetic it's very true to life. I absolutely love how typically British this movie is - even though Renee is the only NOT British thing about this movie, I LOVE her and I love it.

Now if you're not into romance, PLEASE don't rule this out. This movie is hilarious and even my male friends love watching it because Helen Fielding has done an amazing thing and made it relate-able to men as well. They laugh at the jokes, so if your partner says he wont watch it - beg him to reconsider! Also, it's an amazing lesson about love not always coming in the neatest package. Literally most hilarious movie and I would really recommend it to anyone who it has passed by!

What do you think? Have you read the book, would you recommend the movie?

Sunday, 17 March 2013

To do list!

Hiya guys!

I'm so so so sorry that at the moment this blog has been neglected but I'm finally back to share with you my life. I've decided this time to pick something that has become my new best friend in my final few months of student hood. 

This journal is probably the BEST thing I've ever bought... EVER!
I picked it up first because of the front cover which intrigued me straight away but on closer inspection I realised that this could be the most helpful thing i've ever had in my handbag.

When you look in, it has different sections that you can easily flick to with the help of the tabs at the side and top. The top reads, NOTES, TO DO, IDEAS and THE BEST which leads onto the side which has MUSIC, BOOKS, FILMS, WEBSITES and then has three tabs which you can label yourself. 

Now at first I worried these would be very small sections, but they really aren't! They have a lot of room to add stuff in and because its so structured with the tabs there's no overlap of what you place where. For bloggers this is amazing, because you can put blog ideas down in the ideas section but then have the best of each section at the side tabs. It makes everything really easy, especially when you have very bad memory anyway.

Secondly, the colours are beautiful. It's a really richly pictured book, all in a pop art style. It makes a stylish talking point with friends but also allows you to feel like your not carrying around an older ladies diary. I love that the front also has raised velvet bits on the black sections, like eyelashes and hair, it just adds so much more to this book.

The final point is the size. This is not something that is slim and long, but is more square and allows for a lot of notes. For some people, this will be a big off putting point because it doesn't fit in a small bag. As i'm a lover of handbags that could hold the kitchen sink, this handy little book has become a staple in the bottom of it. It doesn't get lost like smaller diaries that I seem to find. So, maybe it's too big, but personally I don't think it is for anyone who is a large bag lover.

I hope that this will help any dreadfully unorganized people like me. I bought this particular piece in TKMAXX for £4.99 but a variation of styles can be purchased for £8 on this website - including my lovely one here.

What do you think guys, are you guys too organised? Or forgetful?

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Scrub Your Nose In It

Hiya guys!

I know that I go on and on about Soap and Glory but today I'm gunna do a little review on a scrub that I absolutely adore. 

Scrub your nose in it is an amazing scrub for your face that doubles as a facial mask. Now I have been using this for a while, as a scrub once a week and as a scrub every other day with my shower with really good results. 

The scrub itself is good, it has a good abrasive feel but isn't too gritty as some salt scrubs are. It doesn't take off a thick later of skin like sand paper but is soft on your skin if you use it with water, which I would honestly recommend so that your using less but it is going further. It does amazing things and makes your skin super smooth. I use this after I've had a huge breakout and have dead skin and scabs that are coming off, as gross as it sounds - removing those scabs and bits of dead skin makes hiding the redness and spots easier because the foundation has more healthy tissue to attach itself too. 

The scrub shouldn't be used to much as it could be damaging to the skin. Also it can be quite harsh, it tingles a lot and can feel uncomfortable. If this happens, I honestly recommend targeting one area at a time and then washing it off and starting with another. This is something my friend does and it makes the tingling more manageable because she has sensitive skin. Obviously, if your skin is damaged or really sensitive please be careful because it is honestly a strong one. 

The mask, as you can see above is blue, it makes me laugh a lot because I look like a smurf and I always forget when i'm wearing it. It can be used thickly for a deep cleanse or lightly over the skin like mine for a regular clean off your face. I recommend this because it does wonders for your pores, removing the dirt that gets clogged after a long week. It makes your skin feel super smooth and I do it when I have some time because I let it dry then as I wash it off with circular motions to use the scrub as well.

It does sting like quite a bit as it's one of those that is a deep cleanse and it is a bit smelly. Otherwise my only problem is it has to be used in a decent about of her time as it can go stiff and dry out. When I say decent I mean don't rush it, but don't leave it for six months and come back expecting it to be fresh. 

Overall, for £7.50 in boots, I think it's a good value for money as it's a big tube which does last me a good few months because I rotate it. I really would recommend this if you really like your scrubs but aren't a huge fan of salt and sugar scrubs. 

Have you tried Soap and Glory? Scrub or no scrub?