Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Test it Tuesday - Clarins Cleanser

Hiya Guys!

This is a brand new post called Test It Tuesdays! These posts will hopefully be fortnightly and be about a tester product that I have been lucky enough to get from my lovely friend. This first one was the most amazing product I could have hoped to start with.

I have been desperate to find a nice cleanser that does leave my skin feeling more hungry for moisture than ever! I've found many but none like this.

Clarins Paris have made an amazing gentle foaming cleanser that is so nice. It's for combination / oily skin so matches my skin perfectly, as I don't have excess grease but I don't have dry skin. 

The first point is that this cleanser is exactly as it says on the tin, it's gentle. This isn't a scrub, I know that but I like a feel of renewal and that new skin is coming from cleansers as well. With this, I put it on and felt the small bubbles of exfoliating goodness on my skin. It doesn't take five layers of my face OR make me feel like my face is on fire.

Secondly, it's beautiful when you take it off. You put moisturiser straight on and you're skin feels so smooth it's unreal. So unreal I did have to run to my house mate and ask her to feel my face, she did say oooo and stroke my face (They put up with so much!).
It does leave a little to be desired as it feels a bit like when you have used soap on your skin. It's not a huge issue though but with the amount in actually costs, it does make a difference. Topping your skin straight of with a heavy moisturiser means that you do feel very glam and smooth afterwards and it gets rid of the soapy feel. 

For the price of a full bottle being £18.00 from Boots - it is something a lot of people would umm and ahh with... I would however make one final point. This stuff LASTS, I had a normal sized tiny tester and I had 5 uses which completely covered my face each time. So it would be amazing to see how long this would last!

What do you guys think? Ever tried Clarins? Will you be trying now?

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  1. Hey! great blog!

    I love this cleanser but ever since being a student its just too pricey for me to purchase, i love the way it leaves my skin feeling after using it - may have to start saving for it again!

    Katie <3



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