Monday, 25 March 2013

Feed your hands!

Hiya everyone!

Just a quick post today - I wanted to tell you about an amazing hand cream.
Now I know you are
SICK to death of me doing posts about Soap and Glory like some sponsor but now - I do have to tell you about there Hand Food. This is all over the blogasphere but I got some this Christmas and fell TOTALLY in love. 

I'm not one to really care about nails or hands or creams, because I used to bite my nails and never take pride in them. Now, with the blog going strong, I have grown my nails and started to take huge priorities in getting my nails back to form.

This hand cream is amazing, it's so moisturising, goes a long way, is pretty in a pink tub and finally it smells amazing! I really enjoyed this and for the price in Boots of £5.00 for 125ml or £2.50 for the 50ml version you cannot go wrong. It looks nice when you get it out with your friends and also fits into a handbag in either size. 

Have you tried this miracle? Would you buy hand food?


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