Sunday, 31 March 2013

My spring lipstick choice!

Hiya guys!

Today is a gorgeous day, with the sun shining and the snow falling -.- Seriously it's starting to get really annoying isn't it? I've been getting all my spring clothes out and keeping them in a box because I just can't wear them. It's heartbreaking :( Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

It's my sister's birthday next week so I went out and got her beauty products (Which will have to remain secret in case she reads this post hehe) for her little beauty bag. Whilst doing this, I couldn't resist something that could hopefully get rid of the STILL winter blues. So I bought this peachy lip butter to make my lips look all summery.

Revlon color burst lip butter is amazing! It comes in a tube that makes it look like a lipstick but in fact it feels a lot more like Vaseline on your lips. This is a nice spring change from the darker colours of winter, and it is a light coverage that doesn't come over to strong. (Mine is peach in case anyone is wondering)

There were MANY colours of this and it made me really smile because it's rare to get such a contrast in lip colour from such a moisturising lipstick. It goes from really vibrate oranges to light peachy coverage to darker purples and means no matter your skin colour you can get a good lipstick!

It does however need a lot of re application throughout the day because it just doesn't last. It's not a thing that would ever put me of buying it because the pros completely outweigh the cons in this. 

So girls, have any of you tried Revlons color burst? Would you recommend any other moisturising lip colors for the summer?


  1. It's a stunning colour and how sweat are you buying your sister such lovely things for her birthday.

    I have also nominated you to receive a Liebster Award. Check out my page about it to find out the details about your award. Congratulations! I can't wait to read your answers!


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