Sunday, 17 March 2013

To do list!

Hiya guys!

I'm so so so sorry that at the moment this blog has been neglected but I'm finally back to share with you my life. I've decided this time to pick something that has become my new best friend in my final few months of student hood. 

This journal is probably the BEST thing I've ever bought... EVER!
I picked it up first because of the front cover which intrigued me straight away but on closer inspection I realised that this could be the most helpful thing i've ever had in my handbag.

When you look in, it has different sections that you can easily flick to with the help of the tabs at the side and top. The top reads, NOTES, TO DO, IDEAS and THE BEST which leads onto the side which has MUSIC, BOOKS, FILMS, WEBSITES and then has three tabs which you can label yourself. 

Now at first I worried these would be very small sections, but they really aren't! They have a lot of room to add stuff in and because its so structured with the tabs there's no overlap of what you place where. For bloggers this is amazing, because you can put blog ideas down in the ideas section but then have the best of each section at the side tabs. It makes everything really easy, especially when you have very bad memory anyway.

Secondly, the colours are beautiful. It's a really richly pictured book, all in a pop art style. It makes a stylish talking point with friends but also allows you to feel like your not carrying around an older ladies diary. I love that the front also has raised velvet bits on the black sections, like eyelashes and hair, it just adds so much more to this book.

The final point is the size. This is not something that is slim and long, but is more square and allows for a lot of notes. For some people, this will be a big off putting point because it doesn't fit in a small bag. As i'm a lover of handbags that could hold the kitchen sink, this handy little book has become a staple in the bottom of it. It doesn't get lost like smaller diaries that I seem to find. So, maybe it's too big, but personally I don't think it is for anyone who is a large bag lover.

I hope that this will help any dreadfully unorganized people like me. I bought this particular piece in TKMAXX for £4.99 but a variation of styles can be purchased for £8 on this website - including my lovely one here.

What do you think guys, are you guys too organised? Or forgetful?


  1. It's like a Lichtenstein painting! =D I love it, really like all the dividers too, that's exactly how mu filofax is divided! =p xxx

  2. I love this so much! It is that guy, Claire said it when I first got it but I couldn't remember the name of him! There's a tweet one on there page that will definitely be the next one!


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