Saturday, 2 March 2013

Scrub Your Nose In It

Hiya guys!

I know that I go on and on about Soap and Glory but today I'm gunna do a little review on a scrub that I absolutely adore. 

Scrub your nose in it is an amazing scrub for your face that doubles as a facial mask. Now I have been using this for a while, as a scrub once a week and as a scrub every other day with my shower with really good results. 

The scrub itself is good, it has a good abrasive feel but isn't too gritty as some salt scrubs are. It doesn't take off a thick later of skin like sand paper but is soft on your skin if you use it with water, which I would honestly recommend so that your using less but it is going further. It does amazing things and makes your skin super smooth. I use this after I've had a huge breakout and have dead skin and scabs that are coming off, as gross as it sounds - removing those scabs and bits of dead skin makes hiding the redness and spots easier because the foundation has more healthy tissue to attach itself too. 

The scrub shouldn't be used to much as it could be damaging to the skin. Also it can be quite harsh, it tingles a lot and can feel uncomfortable. If this happens, I honestly recommend targeting one area at a time and then washing it off and starting with another. This is something my friend does and it makes the tingling more manageable because she has sensitive skin. Obviously, if your skin is damaged or really sensitive please be careful because it is honestly a strong one. 

The mask, as you can see above is blue, it makes me laugh a lot because I look like a smurf and I always forget when i'm wearing it. It can be used thickly for a deep cleanse or lightly over the skin like mine for a regular clean off your face. I recommend this because it does wonders for your pores, removing the dirt that gets clogged after a long week. It makes your skin feel super smooth and I do it when I have some time because I let it dry then as I wash it off with circular motions to use the scrub as well.

It does sting like quite a bit as it's one of those that is a deep cleanse and it is a bit smelly. Otherwise my only problem is it has to be used in a decent about of her time as it can go stiff and dry out. When I say decent I mean don't rush it, but don't leave it for six months and come back expecting it to be fresh. 

Overall, for £7.50 in boots, I think it's a good value for money as it's a big tube which does last me a good few months because I rotate it. I really would recommend this if you really like your scrubs but aren't a huge fan of salt and sugar scrubs. 

Have you tried Soap and Glory? Scrub or no scrub?


  1. It's a shame these scrub stings a bit, I think my skin will be too sensitive to use it :(

    Kimberley x (I have an international giveaway (MUA and Soap and Glory) running if you want to enter)

    1. Please try Clean Mary instead - It will be amazing for your skin but not as harsh! xoxo

  2. i agree with the above comment, it does sound like a lovely mask though!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

    1. That's such a shame! Try the Clean Mary from them. It's as cleansing - not exfolating but will do wonders for your skin! xoxo

  3. The packaging is cute ^o^ also, I would try this for me!

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  4. What a hilarious name for a product. Looks fun to try though. I always worry using face masks about clogging my skin.


    1. The names always make me want there products. I love these puns. It's an amazing product, please give it a go - it'll do wonders! xoxo


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