Thursday, 28 February 2013

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Hiya guys!

Sorry it's taken me a horrendous amount of time to get another blog to you guys. I've been trying but life has caught up with me.

This is about my favourite perfume in my box right now. I've been given this perfume every year for about 5 years now and I adore it. 

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker is a beautiful scent which is really flowery and sweet. Now this might not appeal to everyone as I always feel a perfume should match someone's personality. This perfume is the one that my Mother, my Grandmother and even my sister all associate with me now, much like my sister and her Ghost perfume. It has sat well with my skin, because obviously sometimes perfumes can react with your natural scent and make it smell AWFUL and completely different to when someone else wears it.

I love this perfume because it also looks really feminine, which matches the scent inside and isn't misleading. The top makes it safe to put in a bag and looks lovely when you pick it up to use it at any time. I was always worried about perfume but this has really become a staple. I think if you are a very feminine person, this should be something you look for. 

The only downside would be that it is a very light perfume, so you have to use it often to make sure that you aren't completely missed. I don't mind spending more money on it just because it suits me so perfectly. 

Have you ever tried Lovely? What's your favourite perfume?

Monday, 25 February 2013

Movie Mondays!

Hi Guys!

Usually, I'd get my blog done ON a Monday but as it's been a hectic day this might just miss the usual midnight deadline.

Today for my Movie Monday I wanted to give you a musical. Please don't cry, when I say musical this might NOT be what you expect.

Repo! The Genetic Opera.

This is NOT your lovey dovey, romance musical that you were expecting of me HUH!?!?

Repo! is a rock opera based around a post apocalyptic world where organs and body parts can be bought and modified for a price. It follows a repo man, who is there to collect the organs by any means necessary when the debt is not repaid, then it follows his life, his family and how in the end the world continues.

I have to tell you now, this was NOT what I expected when an ex told me we were going to watch a rock opera. I will be honest it is mildly gory, so not for the faint hearted (MANY PEOPLE DIE IN DISGUSTING WAYS). However, it is good for fans of maybe Dredd and Hairspray? Yeah, weird mix but it works.

The cast is amazing, the main few for me being Anthony Head (From Buffy), Sarah Brightman and Paris Hilton (Say what you will but that girl makes an amazing crack head heiress). They can sing amazingly and really bring something to this movie, the songs always hit the right spot and I've found myself singing a lot!

The only thing is that it's just not known about. It does have something for everyone and I would really recommend it for something DIFFERENT!

Has anyone heard of this? Your favourite musical?

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Nail File Wars!

Hi guys!

I'm pretty new to the whole nail scene, I bite my nails since I had teeth too and have literally only stopped in the past year, even then I relapse some times. So when my friend told me that a good way to rebuild strength in the actual nail is to keep them filed, I was really confused. I have bought two nail files and now I will let them battle it out for my affection. Only one will come out the winner!

In the blue corner there is...

The Elegant Touch pink crystal glass nail file!
This nail file is honestly.... mediocre. It's not going to file them down by miles, so if you want to keep your nails short and use a file to attack them - it's not for you. It's very soft in it's gritty texture and doesn't take off a lot of length. It's good for little nicks or when you snap a nail and have to soften the edge. It doesn't have a pointed edge which allows for an easy flow when filing, which I do like as it helps to keep under the nail just as clean. I love the style and colour of it because I adore pink but this for me is the only huge redeeming factor and it's not enough for the £5.99 I paid on amazon.

And in the red corner...

This bad boy, firstly looks AWESOME! It's pretty wacky and has a good little pink edge on it - which obviously is a plus for me on the style side. 
So, now onto the practicality of this product. Honestly, it's ace! One side is a lot grittier, this allows for getting rid of length and even attacks acrylic nails. The other side is lighter so allows to softly brush over and sort any nicks or roughness in the nail, much like the overall product above. 
This nail file's most amazing quality is the shape. At first, when I saw this make on The Apprentice, like a year ago - I honestly laughed. I didn't understand the logic of this style and how it would help. It really does though as it's kind of like a rocking motion. It's also helpful for your hand where you aren't as quick because it just simply follows the line. The only problem with it is the stylish pink trim sometimes hinders you attaching your nail to the file because it barriers it a little. Other than that - this has really impressed me and is worth the  £4.39 I paid on amazon.

So now for the winner...


It simply is a product I don't think i'll be able to beat this. It's cheap but not cheerful and is hugely practical. Now... i'm off to buy the mini one for my keys! 

What do you think of the stylfile? Do you have a favourite nail file?

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Volume Million Lashes

Hey everyone!

Today, I'm gunna give you a review of the amazing Volume Million Lashes by L'oreal Paris.

Firstly, the packaging is gorgeous right? I seriously think this sophisticated look adds something to this product!

Secondly, this mascara is new-ish from L'oreal and has a plastic bristled wand. Usually, I run for the hills whenever I see plastic bristles because they have always caused nothing but trouble. These bristles are spaced enough and have uneven length bristles too create some form off spacing. They allow all lashes to be completely covered without making them stick together like spiders legs. I really appreciated this as I absolutely despise girls who look like they only have four eyelashes.  

The formula for this mascara is pretty good. It allows a lot of length, but it doesn't add any volume to the lashes. So if you are looking for a full look, this might not be the mascara for you however, if long lashes do something for you it would be perfect. I also really want to talk about the fact that this formula is sparkly. Honest to God, I didn't believe it at first but on a really sunny day you see the sparkles as you bat your eyelashes at the cutie walking across the street. I don't know how helpful this is in the grand scheme of thing but it makes me feel a bit more pretty when this is the only eye make-up i'm wearing. 

I agree that this isn't a perfect mascara, it isn't to make your eyelashes really full, it isn't going to curl them but it will make them longer. I've been teaming this up with an older mascara, which is running out and is a  volumising formula. I've used a very soft brush stroke of this to separate the lashes out and then added this on top for length. It creates a good affect for nights out as this really is a nice one to wear out as it doesn't dry and flake. Also, on nights out it doesn't give you panda eyes which is a major bonus and it sparkles. It makes your feel that little bit more glam!

Have you tried this yet? What do you think of the sparkle effect?

Friday, 22 February 2013

Bright Here, Bright Now.

Hiya Everyone!

So today i'm going to introduce you to a product that has become my day moisturizer over the last month. This stuff is a gorgeous and light start to the day that is an energy balm.

For those who haven't heard of Soap and Glory, where have you been!?!? These guys are really coming up fast in every way, cosmetics to wash room products and have really funky packaging that catches every girls eye. I love Soap and Glory to the moon and back because there products are not only pretty and quirky but they work!

This Bright Here, Bright Now Instant-radiance energy balm is no exception to that rule. The moisturizer itself is light, and can be rubbed on your finger tips to rub over the face (with clean hands off course) or put into your moisturizer to make a cheep moisturizing foundation base. I have taken to putting it on in the morning, to moisturize the face, before I leave it to dry and add primer and foundation afterwards for a fresher face.

Now, at first I was confused about the energy balm thing, but this is actually amazing. The ingredients add a kind off zesty/tingly effect, much like when you use tea tree oil on your hair? It leaves your skin feeling quite firm, without obviously the harshness. It also seems to brighten the skin on your face, allowing for foundations to go on without patchy spots.

The only thing with this foundation is really the fact I have to wait a few minutes for it to dry into my skin, otherwise you end up with a smudgy effect with your foundation. Otherwise, I'd really recommend this product and to be honest, the entire range. 

What about you guys? Have you found Soap and Glory? 

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Etude House.

Hiya Everyone!

So today is a really girlie day, I am sat watching Coyote Ugly (A brilliant movie if no one has seen it, I recommend they do!) doing some poetry assignment work and I got an amazing package which I didn't expect for another week.

Etude House is a beautiful range from Korea that specialize in really only supplying stuff in Korea rather than globally. My friend in China recently visited Korea and told me that this range was excellent. I immediately got myself onto Ebay, where I get my sheet masks from China and ordered this bad boy!

The Bling Bling Eye Stick from Etude House is an adorable glitter stick. I got mine in the shade named Little Bear Star and it's a gorgeous colour that sticks thickly to your eyelid. It is a heavy colour but can be used easily as a light or dark shade. It can be an all over shade or even used lightly as a line to the top or bottom lid. 

When I first tried it on, it really panicked me that it seemed tacky, but the subtly of the colour can be made realyl understated to just add that shimmer that's need on a normal casual make-up day. It's got a good coverage that means it lasts ages, so is really value for money especially as it's from Korea. I would really recommend Etude House because it's a classic little range, the because of the exchange rate is very cheap. The packaging is so cute as well, not all girlie but it looks very classic. 

This eye stick came from here and is £3.91 roughly with postage and the exchange rate. 

What do you guys think? Have you heard of Etude before? 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My make-up removing best friends.

Hiya everyone!

So, i'm going to make a confession. I have always been some what of a rebel when it came to taking of make-up before bed. Now, before I have loads of you comment to scold me, I will make you aware that I have seen the light - I have learnt the error of my ways and now do it religiously before bed. 

I was honestly always really lucky with my skin, it's a bit of a mystery as to why. I could treat it terribly and it would always be pretty much flawless. Maybe one or two blemishes but nothing horrendous. However, I finally changed my night time habits when I found these two amazing products.

1.  This cleansing milk make up remover is actually AMAZING! I went out with a friend about 6 months ago and was having a skin test for my foundation (Which I recommend everyone does - because it's a really hard thing to match your skin colour) when the woman took my make-up of with this. I had to ask her what this amazing stuff was. It felt so silky smooth and perfect I fell in love.

I was pretty quick off the mark to get this stuff. It feels gorgeous on your skin and is scented but not with harsh perfumes it just naturally smells beautiful. It takes off heavy make-up with a ease and I love using it on days where I have a lot of dark lipstick or thick eyeliner on. I was worried this would be something that would feel nice but have no actual benefits what so ever BUT it wasn't a one trick pony. This cream has made my skin feel a lot more firm, giving my skin a better and more moisturized feel. I seriously have fallen in love with using this at night on a cotton pad, or even to correct mistakes as it can be spread evenly on a pad to correct small mistakes. 

2. Right this was used after this by the same women, when I was sorting my foundation to finish the cleansing. Firstly, I was HUGELY offended that it said mature skin at the bottom!  

That aside though and honestly speaking this is such a nice toner. Firstly, again it has a soft fragrant smell that isn't put in with harsh perfumes.  It is a nice base to also use in the morning to refresh your face and remove any left over traces of make-up or moisturizer from the night before. I again use this with a cotton pad, to just smooth over the skin and remove any traces of the make-up removal cream. 

A final note really on these, they leave your skin feeling so smooth it's unreal. Even my friend, who I recommended this too has seen a difference in the spot level on her skin. I notice it when I forget to use these for a few nights. It's become my best friend right now for my skin. Also for £4.99 for both of these in Superdrug, I was NOT complaining. 

Have you ever used these cleansing and toning lotions? What's your favourite make-up remover?

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Alternative Valentines.

Hiya everyone.

Right, I apologize sincerely for my lack of posts this weekend! I have been extremely busy and want to share my long weekend with you all.

So, on Thursday it was Valentines day and as a proud singleton I expected a pretty boring day as my housemates are all couples. However, this year - we decided that because it's also my friend's birthday on Valentines that we would all pull together and go out as a group.

We saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Empire Theatre in Liverpool on Valentines night. This was an amazing and slightly weird show that really was spectacular. So many people were dressed up in lingerie and as characters, we danced and sang along all night. The theatre is an amazing place and I think people really underestimate it. People think it's really expensive but we paid fifteen pound for each ticket as we booked as a group of ten. This was lovely for me as it made me feel less alone, so spare a thought for your single friends from now on guys! 

(These are my amazing friends, as you can tell - we got really into the theme!)

On Friday, I had a hugely exciting and mildly stressful day. As part of my students union at my university, I run a society called The Murder Mystery Society

The basic way to describe this, is that its real life cluedo! It's an amazing event where people dress up and act as characters within a situation. Two people will be 'murdered' throughout the night, then drama and insanity ensues! 

There are some AMAZING murder mystery weekends and nights out there around the country and even round the world. I know some people might not think they are there thing but there is one for everyone. Some have actors and some are participant based, this allows everyone to feel completely comfortable as you can pick how involved you want to be. It was an amazing night and even though I was reluctant at my first event, now after my sixth one it's become the best part of my month. This was a Valentines American style prom theme and I absolutely adored the romantic vibe we had going. Everyone could mingle and be friendly and people really enjoyed themselves. 

(Yes, that's my gorgeous Sia (in the red dress) from dainty desires and then me... on the bottom right... ruining the beautiful photo!)

I worked on Saturday so it's not that exciting but the idea of this post was to say - Valentines day was not just for couples. Next year think about doing something COMPLETELY different and think about your single friends. It was the nicest thing ever to be included by them all. Honestly, the most selfless deeds might not always get you a thank you but it will make someones day that little bit brighter!

So guys, how was your valentines? What did you do? Tell me all about it below! 

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Pay it forward 2013

Hi my lovely friends!

I started this year with many good intentions, many resolutions and many good wishes for others. A month down the line, only 1 resolutions gone down the pan but will be picked up asap. Good intentions and wishes are going perfectly and hopefully brightening up some peoples day! A month down the line though and already 2013 has proved a year of sad news and hard times. This has not just been for me but a few of my gorgeous friends who do not deserve it. So therefore I have decided to target this quickly after seeing Sia's post on Dainty Desires

Pay it Forward 2013 

This is an amazing idea started by Laura on Life is an Hourglass, which promotes kindness and loving to the blogging community by sending random gifts out to people. This will be as a pick me up in this next year, when I think it's necessary, this will not be posted about and will be completely random. 

How this works

The first five people to post on this blog will receive a gift from me, sometime in the next calender year when they least expect it. I want to make this special and something that will make you smile when you receive it, something personal and something that might even comfort you when you think the world is against you so I will be making a big effort with this! This will be without warning or notice and hopefully will create the desired effect!


You must be in this too! For this to work and for the happiness to spred throughout the blogging community I need people to repost this. So if you post and tell me you are in, I need you to post this on your blog. This will make more people happy and make this more worth while!

If you do this, I promise it will make you smile. I want to make you happy guys! So please get involved for me, and let Laura herself know! She will love it and so will I.

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Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Hiya everyone!

My Tuesday has been full of woe is me. I've finally been hit by a bit of a cold and felt today like, as it was my day off I decided to relax. 

I had a typical day off, with chocolate (Caramel of course) and movies, which is fun but rather boring. I decided to finally update my nail varnish and I decided on........

Models own, hedkandi rage in Ibiza Mix.

I am a SUCKER for sparkly nail varnish, it might not cover the entire nail and it might not be perfect but sparkles are amazing. 

Models own are an amazing brand and this is no exception. This nail varnish maybe glitter but the clear nail varnish that gels it together works perfectly and actually feels like its strengthening the nail. The sparkle can be put over another nail polish to add a bit of glitter to a older, duller varnish or placed on its own to add this confetti style. I tend to put on increasing layers, sometimes however it is nice to do less as it makes it more sporadic. This nail varnish will be perfect for my night out, seeing Rocky Horror Picture Show on Thursday.

Do you like sparkly nail polish? Or is it just not enough coverage?

Monday, 11 February 2013

Movie Monday's

Hiya guys!

Everyone know's that Monday's are a horrible day to get up and go. After relaxation and family time all weekend it's hard to go back to the 9-5 job. Each Monday, I'm going to give you a movie to beat the Monday blues. So grab your hot chocolate (with all the marshmallows and whipped cream), your duvet, your comfy slippers and slip into a world that isn't your own for two hours. Trust me it'll make everything better!

500 Days of Summer

This charming little movie has become a gem in my collection ever since I bought it on offer about 2 years ago. At first, I got mixed reviews when I put it on my shelf but I decided that I would preserver and watch it as I'm a complete sucker for romance and the cover seemed to promise this. 

'This is a story of boy meets girl, but you should know upfront, this is not a love story.'

This movie, instead of focusing on the perfect happily ever after, focuses on the uncertainty of love. The confusion you can feel and the problems you face when someone doesn't love you back. 

The movie focus's on Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and his on/off relationship with Summer (Zooey Deschanel). Tom is a man who believes completely in love and Summer, is someone who believes true love cannot exist. It follows Tom, his relationship with Summer and his realization she will never love him back.

If you want a romance movie that isn't all about falling head over heels and everything going perfectly, this is for you. I love this movie and would recommend to all of you. Specially as it's Valentines Day soon and sometimes we need reminding that not everything ends up perfect (specially if you are single  ;) )

Have any of you watched this movie? What's your take on it?

Sunday, 10 February 2013

My First Post - This or That?

Hiya everyone!

My name is Rebecca Dodson and this is my brand new blog - Radiantly Rose.

I have been fretting about this post for days and now it's finally come! This post will just be a bit of a get to know me. Here's a beauty tag; which will only have one tag but still, here it goes: 

I am not a bronzer person. I have used it very rarely on nights out or on stage and it just does not do any favors  I look like an umpa loompa! A good blusher can make you look so spring fresh and English Rose-esk. I like that look and I prefer that myself.


I love my lipstick, but this is a really new thing to me. I hated lipstick until my best friend got a free Fatal Red Shade 530 lipstick from Maybelline's color sensation range*. I put it on once on a night out (in my about me picture) and I was HOOKED. A good lipstick can brighten the dullest look and I adore the variations of colour you can get.


Lip balm is the way forward. I hate chapped lips and with the windy weather at the moment, I don't leave home without it. This limited edition Vaseline; Pinky Bubbly, it smells beautiful as well as gets everyone asking about it.

I am a blender, so I enjoy the sparkle element of an eyeshadow. Having a sparkly overcoat over any blend adds a little bit of magic to any look. I love it when I am feeling awful and just want to feel pretty but cannot be bothered with the faff.


Concealer was never my friend, it always looked oily on my skin. As my skin seems to take to stuff like foundation and cover completely cleanly I never touch concealer. This is completely due to luck on my part with decent skin. I might try some new concealers but at the moment it isn't my favourite beauty friend. This True Match foundation from L'oreal is beautiful, I got it in Ivory Rose and it is beautiful. I've bought it again and again and it's never failed. Brilliant coverage and is really light, for someone with fair skin this really does me favours. 


My Christmas list this year involved a LOT of Soap and Glory Products! I got a beautiful eyeliner from Soap and Glory called SuperCat(*). This is a liquid eyeliner which is like a pen, it is a deep black pen rather than some other cheaper eyeliners and it really makes an impact. Just because of this eyeliner, I will pick eyeliner over eyeshadow, this is a SERIOUS must buy.


Pressed powders are amazing and can be used perfectly for either a Matte look with a sponge or a more natural look with a brush. I love powder for its versatility. This Stay Matte from Rimmel was recommended by Sia at Dainty Desires and I love it. This is a light powder which doesn't smoother the skin. I have it in Pink Blossom and it suits my skin perfectly.

I love my soft brush for powder but otherwise it is a sponge for the foundation
Definitely a waterproof girl. I do a high stress degree, with many products and jobs on the side. This often leads to many outdoor trips or tears because of stress. It literally saves my life to have a perfect waterproof.

This would have to be my True Match Foundation found above! it is amazing, I would always put that over the top of skin, even if nothing else goes on. This keeps me looking a lot fresher than I wake up looking!

Tagging my (one and only) blogger friend:
Sia ♥ Dainty Desires

I hope this gives you a small insight into myself. I promise the next blogs will be smaller. 

What is your can't live without product right now?

(*) Lipstick - It was in a promotional offer my friend received. It was not her coloring but it was luckily mine!
(*) Eyeliner - It was a Christmas present.