Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My make-up removing best friends.

Hiya everyone!

So, i'm going to make a confession. I have always been some what of a rebel when it came to taking of make-up before bed. Now, before I have loads of you comment to scold me, I will make you aware that I have seen the light - I have learnt the error of my ways and now do it religiously before bed. 

I was honestly always really lucky with my skin, it's a bit of a mystery as to why. I could treat it terribly and it would always be pretty much flawless. Maybe one or two blemishes but nothing horrendous. However, I finally changed my night time habits when I found these two amazing products.

1.  This cleansing milk make up remover is actually AMAZING! I went out with a friend about 6 months ago and was having a skin test for my foundation (Which I recommend everyone does - because it's a really hard thing to match your skin colour) when the woman took my make-up of with this. I had to ask her what this amazing stuff was. It felt so silky smooth and perfect I fell in love.

I was pretty quick off the mark to get this stuff. It feels gorgeous on your skin and is scented but not with harsh perfumes it just naturally smells beautiful. It takes off heavy make-up with a ease and I love using it on days where I have a lot of dark lipstick or thick eyeliner on. I was worried this would be something that would feel nice but have no actual benefits what so ever BUT it wasn't a one trick pony. This cream has made my skin feel a lot more firm, giving my skin a better and more moisturized feel. I seriously have fallen in love with using this at night on a cotton pad, or even to correct mistakes as it can be spread evenly on a pad to correct small mistakes. 

2. Right this was used after this by the same women, when I was sorting my foundation to finish the cleansing. Firstly, I was HUGELY offended that it said mature skin at the bottom!  

That aside though and honestly speaking this is such a nice toner. Firstly, again it has a soft fragrant smell that isn't put in with harsh perfumes.  It is a nice base to also use in the morning to refresh your face and remove any left over traces of make-up or moisturizer from the night before. I again use this with a cotton pad, to just smooth over the skin and remove any traces of the make-up removal cream. 

A final note really on these, they leave your skin feeling so smooth it's unreal. Even my friend, who I recommended this too has seen a difference in the spot level on her skin. I notice it when I forget to use these for a few nights. It's become my best friend right now for my skin. Also for £4.99 for both of these in Superdrug, I was NOT complaining. 

Have you ever used these cleansing and toning lotions? What's your favourite make-up remover?


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