Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Pay it forward 2013

Hi my lovely friends!

I started this year with many good intentions, many resolutions and many good wishes for others. A month down the line, only 1 resolutions gone down the pan but will be picked up asap. Good intentions and wishes are going perfectly and hopefully brightening up some peoples day! A month down the line though and already 2013 has proved a year of sad news and hard times. This has not just been for me but a few of my gorgeous friends who do not deserve it. So therefore I have decided to target this quickly after seeing Sia's post on Dainty Desires

Pay it Forward 2013 

This is an amazing idea started by Laura on Life is an Hourglass, which promotes kindness and loving to the blogging community by sending random gifts out to people. This will be as a pick me up in this next year, when I think it's necessary, this will not be posted about and will be completely random. 

How this works

The first five people to post on this blog will receive a gift from me, sometime in the next calender year when they least expect it. I want to make this special and something that will make you smile when you receive it, something personal and something that might even comfort you when you think the world is against you so I will be making a big effort with this! This will be without warning or notice and hopefully will create the desired effect!


You must be in this too! For this to work and for the happiness to spred throughout the blogging community I need people to repost this. So if you post and tell me you are in, I need you to post this on your blog. This will make more people happy and make this more worth while!

If you do this, I promise it will make you smile. I want to make you happy guys! So please get involved for me, and let Laura herself know! She will love it and so will I.

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  1. I guess I should comment and follow through with putting it on my wall. Does this mean I have to find some treasures to send out as well?

    Ahhh I have just noticed your little signatures at the end with the heart, I love them!

    1. Yeah, it just mean's you put it up on your wall. Then you get your own five people who want your presents. I think it's just a cute idea! Can you let me know your email and I'll ask for your address :)

      Thanks, I absolutely adore them! :)


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