Thursday, 21 February 2013

Etude House.

Hiya Everyone!

So today is a really girlie day, I am sat watching Coyote Ugly (A brilliant movie if no one has seen it, I recommend they do!) doing some poetry assignment work and I got an amazing package which I didn't expect for another week.

Etude House is a beautiful range from Korea that specialize in really only supplying stuff in Korea rather than globally. My friend in China recently visited Korea and told me that this range was excellent. I immediately got myself onto Ebay, where I get my sheet masks from China and ordered this bad boy!

The Bling Bling Eye Stick from Etude House is an adorable glitter stick. I got mine in the shade named Little Bear Star and it's a gorgeous colour that sticks thickly to your eyelid. It is a heavy colour but can be used easily as a light or dark shade. It can be an all over shade or even used lightly as a line to the top or bottom lid. 

When I first tried it on, it really panicked me that it seemed tacky, but the subtly of the colour can be made realyl understated to just add that shimmer that's need on a normal casual make-up day. It's got a good coverage that means it lasts ages, so is really value for money especially as it's from Korea. I would really recommend Etude House because it's a classic little range, the because of the exchange rate is very cheap. The packaging is so cute as well, not all girlie but it looks very classic. 

This eye stick came from here and is £3.91 roughly with postage and the exchange rate. 

What do you guys think? Have you heard of Etude before? 


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