Sunday, 17 February 2013

Alternative Valentines.

Hiya everyone.

Right, I apologize sincerely for my lack of posts this weekend! I have been extremely busy and want to share my long weekend with you all.

So, on Thursday it was Valentines day and as a proud singleton I expected a pretty boring day as my housemates are all couples. However, this year - we decided that because it's also my friend's birthday on Valentines that we would all pull together and go out as a group.

We saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Empire Theatre in Liverpool on Valentines night. This was an amazing and slightly weird show that really was spectacular. So many people were dressed up in lingerie and as characters, we danced and sang along all night. The theatre is an amazing place and I think people really underestimate it. People think it's really expensive but we paid fifteen pound for each ticket as we booked as a group of ten. This was lovely for me as it made me feel less alone, so spare a thought for your single friends from now on guys! 

(These are my amazing friends, as you can tell - we got really into the theme!)

On Friday, I had a hugely exciting and mildly stressful day. As part of my students union at my university, I run a society called The Murder Mystery Society

The basic way to describe this, is that its real life cluedo! It's an amazing event where people dress up and act as characters within a situation. Two people will be 'murdered' throughout the night, then drama and insanity ensues! 

There are some AMAZING murder mystery weekends and nights out there around the country and even round the world. I know some people might not think they are there thing but there is one for everyone. Some have actors and some are participant based, this allows everyone to feel completely comfortable as you can pick how involved you want to be. It was an amazing night and even though I was reluctant at my first event, now after my sixth one it's become the best part of my month. This was a Valentines American style prom theme and I absolutely adored the romantic vibe we had going. Everyone could mingle and be friendly and people really enjoyed themselves. 

(Yes, that's my gorgeous Sia (in the red dress) from dainty desires and then me... on the bottom right... ruining the beautiful photo!)

I worked on Saturday so it's not that exciting but the idea of this post was to say - Valentines day was not just for couples. Next year think about doing something COMPLETELY different and think about your single friends. It was the nicest thing ever to be included by them all. Honestly, the most selfless deeds might not always get you a thank you but it will make someones day that little bit brighter!

So guys, how was your valentines? What did you do? Tell me all about it below! 


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