Monday, 25 February 2013

Movie Mondays!

Hi Guys!

Usually, I'd get my blog done ON a Monday but as it's been a hectic day this might just miss the usual midnight deadline.

Today for my Movie Monday I wanted to give you a musical. Please don't cry, when I say musical this might NOT be what you expect.

Repo! The Genetic Opera.

This is NOT your lovey dovey, romance musical that you were expecting of me HUH!?!?

Repo! is a rock opera based around a post apocalyptic world where organs and body parts can be bought and modified for a price. It follows a repo man, who is there to collect the organs by any means necessary when the debt is not repaid, then it follows his life, his family and how in the end the world continues.

I have to tell you now, this was NOT what I expected when an ex told me we were going to watch a rock opera. I will be honest it is mildly gory, so not for the faint hearted (MANY PEOPLE DIE IN DISGUSTING WAYS). However, it is good for fans of maybe Dredd and Hairspray? Yeah, weird mix but it works.

The cast is amazing, the main few for me being Anthony Head (From Buffy), Sarah Brightman and Paris Hilton (Say what you will but that girl makes an amazing crack head heiress). They can sing amazingly and really bring something to this movie, the songs always hit the right spot and I've found myself singing a lot!

The only thing is that it's just not known about. It does have something for everyone and I would really recommend it for something DIFFERENT!

Has anyone heard of this? Your favourite musical?


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