Sunday, 24 February 2013

Nail File Wars!

Hi guys!

I'm pretty new to the whole nail scene, I bite my nails since I had teeth too and have literally only stopped in the past year, even then I relapse some times. So when my friend told me that a good way to rebuild strength in the actual nail is to keep them filed, I was really confused. I have bought two nail files and now I will let them battle it out for my affection. Only one will come out the winner!

In the blue corner there is...

The Elegant Touch pink crystal glass nail file!
This nail file is honestly.... mediocre. It's not going to file them down by miles, so if you want to keep your nails short and use a file to attack them - it's not for you. It's very soft in it's gritty texture and doesn't take off a lot of length. It's good for little nicks or when you snap a nail and have to soften the edge. It doesn't have a pointed edge which allows for an easy flow when filing, which I do like as it helps to keep under the nail just as clean. I love the style and colour of it because I adore pink but this for me is the only huge redeeming factor and it's not enough for the £5.99 I paid on amazon.

And in the red corner...

This bad boy, firstly looks AWESOME! It's pretty wacky and has a good little pink edge on it - which obviously is a plus for me on the style side. 
So, now onto the practicality of this product. Honestly, it's ace! One side is a lot grittier, this allows for getting rid of length and even attacks acrylic nails. The other side is lighter so allows to softly brush over and sort any nicks or roughness in the nail, much like the overall product above. 
This nail file's most amazing quality is the shape. At first, when I saw this make on The Apprentice, like a year ago - I honestly laughed. I didn't understand the logic of this style and how it would help. It really does though as it's kind of like a rocking motion. It's also helpful for your hand where you aren't as quick because it just simply follows the line. The only problem with it is the stylish pink trim sometimes hinders you attaching your nail to the file because it barriers it a little. Other than that - this has really impressed me and is worth the  £4.39 I paid on amazon.

So now for the winner...


It simply is a product I don't think i'll be able to beat this. It's cheap but not cheerful and is hugely practical. Now... i'm off to buy the mini one for my keys! 

What do you think of the stylfile? Do you have a favourite nail file?


  1. love the look of the StylFile! I'm always buying rubbish nail files that don't last, I think I should invest in one of these :) Fab review, I'm a new follower :) x

    1. Seriously try it. I was apprehensive but my mum bought it and I now want to steal it asap!
      I love your blog, definitely will be following that!

  2. Ah I used to bite my nails too so now my nails are really weak! Think I need to invest in a stylfile as I've heard lots of good things about them! Xx

    1. They are brilliant, I can see the difference now I'm filing them a little each day with this file :) xoxo

  3. I've read that S-shaped files are always better. Think I'll get a StylFile too, given that my nails peel all the time.
    My Beauty Junction

    1. Seriously, Amazon make them so cheap that it's really worth the investment.
      Hope you enjoyed the blog.


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