Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Prime yourself!

 Hiya everyone!

Today's been an odd one for me, 6.30am and I turned up at my sister's to babysit. I turned up to my Sisters flat in an aztec onesie, with cowboy boats, an owl hat and a leather coat - not one of my finest fashion moments but let's just ignore that one. I turned up like that to my brother in law being sick and me getting dropped straight back home, so now I get to update you little lot with a little secret in my make-up bag!

Primer is one of those cosmetics that was never shown to me, I didn't even know it existed until my best friend took me out to a huge boots and we got a lovely rep to help us with our make-up woes. 

Primer is an awesome little product that helps with any lumps and bumps to make sure your foundation coverage is doing everything it can for your skin. I have had a recent break out so stopped using a lot of make up but this is such a helpful tub of miracles. I put this all over my skin, in a circular motion and it just keeps my skin looking fabulous even though I know it really isn't at the moment.
I just bought some of this for my sisters box and it was £14.99 from Boots but it goes SUCH a long way. I've had mine (Pictured above) since beginning of last summer and it's still going strong with me using it every day. 

The only fault with this would be don't put it under your eye and use any of the lumi magic eye pen over the top. It seems to become crusty and it isn't a nice look. Even that isn't something that could put me off buying it.
The best part was, when i've shown ANYONE the first word they have said is WOW. It works.

What about you guys? Have you tried primer? Would you recommend any others?


  1. this sounds really good!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  2. Oh lol, why didn't you take a picture of you in your onsie? That would have made everyone's day! I need to use primer more, I do have some but never saw the value. I knew it was meant to keep your makeup on longer, but I guess there is more to it then that as you just said.

    Great post!



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