Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My sincere apologies.

Hi my beauties!

Firstly, I want to say sorry!

I have not been on my best behavior in the form of putting my posts out there. I have had many things going on such as moving away from my university house, finishing my degree and going to various events. 
I know this is a lame excuse and I should have let you guys know what's going on but at the time, things where just so hectic, that I could not get this done. 

Hopefully, you guys will accept these apologies and understand that now, I am back I will not be leaving again! I have a lot coming for you guys, such as many fat attack posts, ways to get better skin and reviews of many beauty products for you all.

I hope that now I am back, you guys will continue to read my blog and be as kind as you have always been.

Here for your amusement is my graduation ball photo for you all. My first blog back on Friday will be how I did my make-up for this amazing night. (Which was better than this rushed photo in a VERY hot house!)

Hope you guys are well! Let me know you are still with my you beautiful people.


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